Media Appearances 

November  2021 Talking Testosterone with Dr. Carla DiGirolamo –Hit Play Not Pause Podcast

October 2021 Live Science – Can You Run While Pregnant?

Sep 2021 Boston IVF – National Women’s Health and Fitness Day

Sep 2021 Feisty Menopause Performance Summit 9/24 – 9/26 Hormones and You: Knowledge is Power

Sep 2021 Menopausal Athletes and Beyond – Elements Sports Coaching  

May 2021 HPNP Podcast – Crossfit RX

My unique combination of fitness, nutrition and medical expertise will provide you
with an individualized personal training experience that is second to none.

Your program is tailored specifically to your goals, level of fitness and lifestyle with the convenience and accessibility of an online format that allows real-time communication with me, your Coach, and access to state of the art movement libraries and metrics tracking tools. What distinguishes this experience from traditional in-person training, fad diets and automated apps is that the online communication platform will give you live support even after you have left the gym – when you need it the most!

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