Fitness Coaching

Whether your goal is to lose weight, maximize athletic performance, increase mobility or just simply get healthier, movement is an integral part of any program. Like nutrition, the “best” plan is the one you can stick to and sustain as a lifestyle for the long-term.

At FitforLifeMD we design a movement program that works for you – no matter what your level, we use your own gym memberships, floor space, trainer sessions and home equipment – whatever you have (or don’t have), we design a program that works specifically for you and your level of fitness.

PT Distinction

PT Distinction provides cutting edge online personal training software putting the convenience and resources available with expensive gym membership and training sessions at your fingertips from the comfort of your own mobile device.
Your Coach will use the PT Distinction platform to design your individualized program.

PT Distinction provides you with:

  • Customized training programs designed by you and your Coach.
  • A vast movement library of exercises that teach you perfect technique.
  • A text messaging platform to communicate with your coach and exchange videos allowing your Coach to critique movement and provide suggestions.
  • Interfacing with popular tracking devices and apps such as Fitbit, MyZone and My Fitness Pal.
  • And much more!

Nutrition Coaching

Many diets are unsuccessful for the following reasons:

  • They claim to be the “best” diet – one size fits all.
  • A detailed plan is provided, but you are on your own to follow it.
  • The plan may require a significant overhaul or disruption to your normal routine.
  • The plan is static – no opportunity to modify the program if it is not working for you.
  • “Success” is all or nothing.
  • The program defines the endpoint.

At FitforLifeMD, we provide a solution that maximizes success. The Precision Nutrition method of Nutrition Coaching, creates a plan that is the “best” for YOU; the endpoints are defined by YOUR goals. The program is dynamic and changes with you as you achieve goals and set new ones and you are NEVER on your own. Your Coach provides you with live support at the times you need it most.


The exclusive online platform used by Precision Nutrition to create your individualized program. ProCoach helps you to develop regular habits and practices as you progress through the program, moving you closer to your goals and creating lasting change. Your Coach will support you throughout the process and modify the elements of the program as needed.

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Dr. DiGirolamo is a certified Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coach.